Founded by designer and producer Tetsuya Takenomata and artist Andrea Bergen, Almost Surely Studio produces carefully crafted works of art in a variety of media that are both attractive and significant. Our distinctive approach to art making brings together Takenomata’s conceptual vision with Bergen’s intuitive artistry. The emphasis of our work is to try and create effective visual communication through pieces that are unique, memorable and timeless.

Almost Surely Studio specializes in the creation of animal-centric, intricate, hand cut paper collages. The subjects range from celebrating the beauty of nature to expressing environmental concerns and anxiety regarding the future of wildlife. Each image is created using Bergen's singular collaging technique which uses only scissors and colored pastel paper. Thousands of pieces of the hand cut paper are layered together on wood board until the surface of the collage is dense and sculptural. This unexpected use of the medium expands the definition of collage and gives the pieces their bold and energetic appearance.

In this digital era when all trends are moving towards automation and mass production, Bergen and Takenomata seek to put the value back into the analog, hand crafted process. On a screen, the graphic look of the collages can give the impression that they were created with paint or a computer but the power of the work comes from its handmade origin. Just as the digital format could never fully capture the beauty of nature, the collages are best experienced in person when the viewer can observe all the details and effort that went into their creation.